contrapunctum posterCoro de Cámara Contrapunctum wants to offer you, this afternoon the best of their religious repertoire. In the first part, you can hear fragments of two very different masses: the first, Josquin builds the polyphony based on Gregorian hymn "Pange Lingua", with the aim of combining music in the whole repertoire. In the second, Victoria uses for the same aim her own motet "O Magnum Mysterium". Different composition techniques, different moments in history, we will hear interrupted by the wonderful "Ave Maria" for four voices by Francisco de Guerrero. In the second part, English polyphonists like Thomas Tallis and William Byrd take us to the time of birth of the Anglican Church. Tradition that would inspire Henry Purcell to compose one of the most beautiful pages of music for a funeral ever written. We hope that the concert is to your enjoyment.