On Friday 3rd October, the Contrapunctum Chamber Choir will travel to Albacete to offer, in the present music from the distant past: Renaissance music. The idea for this show came from the Educational Association, The Hive. This is a group of parents, who have come together to create, at Albacete, a school based on Waldorf education. One of the pillars supporting this educational ideal is learning through artistic practice, and what better occasion to listen to music of great beauty, the celebration of the new school year.

The concert will take place at the Assumption Cultural Center, located in the nuns in Albacete and will have very diverse works, from the Llibre Vermell Montserrat S. XIV to "In the midst of life" by H. Purcell without forgetting Encina carols and English madrigals of the sixteenth centuary.


# GreatFred 2014-09-29 15:51
I will be there, cant wait to see the concert
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  • Contrapunctum in Albacete

    Fred 29.09.2014 15:51
    I will be there, cant wait to see the concert