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Contrapunctum Chamber Choir presents to you a miscellany of histories. Songs dedicated to a mother, who gave birth to her son in the middle of the night; Magi that followed the good judgments of the stars and motets that give us to understand the mystery, the greatness and the joy of Christmas. Like gears of the same tradition, Victoria and Palestrina give us their genius as composers of motets that will remain in history as sublime musical pages.

Stories that come from different legacies: Llibre Vermell, Songs and Spiritual Villains, Songbook of the Duke of Calabria. Different sources, different purposes and a common element: they sing of a newborn God. As will the sailors saved from a shipwreck, who do not hesitate to raise their voices to heaven, after the reward of the ransom. This is, in essence, the story that will be presented to us by Mateo Flecha in La Bomba. All this hodgepodge gives us the satisfaction of a captivating evening, you will discover intense and magical music. Enjoy the concert.

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  • Contrapunctum in Albacete

    Fred 29.09.2014 15:51
    I will be there, cant wait to see the concert